MH | THE COLLECTION is a range of bespoke fitness equipment for the luxury markets. We have combined 20 years of elite health, fitness & design experience with the very best in British engineering to create this exquisite line of exercise products for those who prefer something a little more inspiring when they workout.

Using only the finest materials, we are the first and only company to offer a tailor-made service with personalised engraving, customised colours, gold metal plating and even precious stones for that extra special someone in your life.

So, whether it’s to match the current interior styling, create a show-piece for the onboard gym or you just like to be different, the choice is now yours.

The Dumbbell Range

Our two natural variations – The Atoll & The Polaris – offer a unique blend of functional importance with contemporary style.

The Atoll:

With smooth rounded lines; we have upgraded the basic and created a classic.

The Polaris:

Our distinctive eight cornered design offers not only soft, natural symmetry but also practical benefits for onboard facilities.

The Handles

With three very different styles to choose from – one for the purest and two for the style-conscious athlete – select your favourite and then just add some colour.


As well as our own MH branded finish, we also offer the following:

  • Colour-Coded Leather
  • Personalised Engraving
  • Personalised Laser Marking
  • Colour-Coded Paint
  • Exclusive Weight-Plate Finishes
  • Precious Metal Plating (Gold & Rose Gold)
  • Diamond or Crystal-Encrusted Logos

So, with unlimited options now available, why settle for the ordinary?

For initial enquiries, please contact us at